A bad day at the station

In my time in radio, I’ve been apart of my fair share of absolute train wrecks. Those broadcasts that start off innocent but head straight down the drain. On the air, it all works out and everyone does their best to maintain some sort of professionalism so it looks like what happened was supposed to happen, but behind the scenes, everything has gone to shit.

Global BC’s noon newscast had that happen this past Monday, and they played this one off beautifully.

Dare I say, this video has a good chance of going viral


4 Replies to “A bad day at the station”

  1. I’ve seen this video a couple times and it cracks me up each time. They even re-played it on Global’s morning news show today. That’s seriously the cutest freakin’ pit bull I’ve ever seen!

  2. I can’t wait to show this to Josie K. She will love it and will probably want to adopt one of the dogs. I kept waiting for one of the gals to get pinned to the floor or worse! Thanks for the good laugh, John.

  3. This is sooo funny. Thanks for posting it. Saw this on the late news last night and her colleagues were having anorther good laugh about it. Randene was definitely a good sport about the whole thing, she must have been wearing some yummy makeup. LMAO

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