Storms over the Canadian Prairies

We’ve returned from our whirlwind trip to Punta Cana and taking this B.C. Day to recover. I thought I would still get this video posted today to share something we saw on the plane ride home.

On route from Toronto to Vancouver, we caught these thunderstorms over the Canadian Prairies, looking north somewhere over Manitoba and Alberta. I’ve flown enough to see storms from above before, but nothing like this. After watching the show for a little while, I made a mad grab from my camera to shoot some video of it. It’s not the best quality, but some of the lightning displays are pretty amazing.

This was tough to shoot in terms of blocking any reflection in the window. Being dusk to complete darkness outside, I thought I would try anyway. Sadly it was just too dark to take any photo or video of the lines of flames I saw from some of the wildfires in the interior, and those gave me bigger chills than the lightning show.


2 Replies to “Storms over the Canadian Prairies”

  1. Julia and I watched this together. She said her Dad doesn’t like flying in “stuff” like that. On her way to Arkansas with Jeri, they flew through a bad storm, but not as bad as the one you flew through.

  2. That “stuff” will rip things off the airplane. Storms usually make me wish I had a job on the ground some days….

    We had a cool day Tuesday–weatherman said the high overcast that blocked the sun’s heat was smoke from the fires in BC.

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