More adventures of a wannabe photographer on Granville Street

I went for a photowalk with John Biehler after catching the Canucks game with him last week. He always has a variety of fun gear that he’s trying out and experimenting with, so I tagged along to push my knowledge of my Canon S5 IS[wiki] a little bit further.

Night photography is always tricky for a camera like this due to having to hold very still in the low light (which is often the case for many photographers), so I constantly found myself leaning up against light posts or taking about five or six shots while hoping something reasonable came out. Since I can’t swap the lens on this, I’m stuck with trying out different settings and the exposures it gives me.

Granville Street Photowalk

Granville Street Photowalk

Granville Street Photowalk

Granville Street Photowalk

You can see all of the photos here.


2 Replies to “More adventures of a wannabe photographer on Granville Street”

  1. Dude, you’re not a wannabe… If anything you’re learning more & becoming a better photographer when you have less options on your camera.

    A DSLR does not make one a photographer (although there are lots of people think they can just buy their way in). A good photographer (and you are) can take great shots with any camera.

    Next time we go out you can use my camera & i’ll use yours 😉

  2. True and true. The title is more of a joking around sense, but there are some points where the desired effect of a shot would be further enhanced by learning more and only then having the proper equipment to get to where I want. Like you said, I’m still learning and hoping to only get better.

    Only as a side note, I would have had a handful of photos published by now if my camera produced higher resolution pictures than it currently does, more so the inability to shoot in RAW being my only downfall. I’ve had the highest resolution JPG’s rejected because they’re not good enough for print, and that’s at 12MP. Otherwise I could be just doing something flat out wrong…

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