The Stanley Cup happened to drop by work today

Stanley Cup and Me I have never been close enough to the Stanley Cup to really even see it prior to today. The one day I go to work without my camera, it decides to roll through the front door at work and pay the place a visit. In a mad scramble, I was able to snag a pic with it via cellphone, not to mention the opportunity to touch it as well as take a good look at it.

The one thing that struck me was how scratched it is. That’s not surprising, and I think it’s a lot like seeing people on TV and them not looking the same as they are in real life. It’s been through a lot, not to mention that its century old lifespan lends to have a little bit of wear and tear to it.

The cup was in town tonight for the Vancouver Giants home game where they honored legends of the NHL. The Giants even dawned the jerseys of the last team to win the Stanley Cup in this city, the Vancouver Millionaires[wiki] in 1915.

Back then, all you had to do was be a proven team and issue a challenge to the reigning holders of the title. A far cry from the 82 game regular season and playoffs consisting of four rounds, best of seven series. This point was only driven further into my head when I got home tonight to turn on “Hockey: A People’s History“[wiki] on television. A must see for any hockey fan.

Vancouver's only time on the cup

Alas, one day, Vancouver’s name shall appear on this cup once more as champions.


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  1. I think the Stanley Cup may be most accessible major sporting trophy. At the Hockey Hall of Fame, you can touch it and be photographed with it (in a nice touch, they have a pro dSLR rig pointed at the cup and charge about $10 for a photo, but have no problem with you taking your own, fondling the cup, etc.)

    Of course, there’s three “real” Stanley Cups, which makes it easier to send them around. The original bowl purchased by Lord Stanley is in a secluded niche in the HHOF, and no you can’t touch it. It was supplanted by the “Presentation Cup” in 1963, which was probably the one you saw. It’s the “real” cup, inasmuch as that’s the one presented to the playoff winners every year. There’s a “Replica” cup that sits in the HHOF when the “Presentation” Cup is on tour.

    Did you see the sad “2004–05 Season Not Played” inscription?

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