My debut as a SkyTrain poster for the Vancouver Canucks

I am a Canuck
Photo credit: Rebecca Bollwitt on Flickr

I’ve also spotted the posters on the sides of buses, and there is a good chance that you will see the rest of The Crazy Canucks crew on them, if not on posters at SkyTrain stations as well. This one is located in Granville Station. Bring on the graffiti.


14 Replies to “My debut as a SkyTrain poster for the Vancouver Canucks”

  1. ahhaha I’d go slap a Leafs sticker on the poster, but this year, what’s the point. Uh – go Canucks!.. nope, still can’t bring myself to say it and mean it. Toronto’s goal this year won’t be the playoffs, it’ll be not coming in dead last. And I don’t mean their division. Or conference. I’m talking league. Avoiding dead last, THAT would be an accomplishment.

  2. Awesome, John! Love the shirt.

    BTW, I think that’s the only time I’ve ever seen Kesler with a smile..

  3. Hah, that’s totally rad. Especially cause the one on the right looks like he’s laughing at you a little bit. 😉

  4. I tried to draw a mustache on you, but you have to step across the yellow line and across the electric tracks.

    Hmm…need a reeeally long pen :/

    Seriously though, lookin good. You look less like a fan than a player though. Look at the guns!

  5. I’m thinking that I’ll have to come up with something more witty to say than “I know that guy!” to everyone around me the next time a bus goes by with that poster on it.

    And by the way, thanks for absolutely destroying the stereotype of a ‘fat’ American; you look pretty damn good for a 30 year-old.

  6. man i just saw ‘you’ yesterday. heard from miss604 that you broke your leg. take care of yoself.

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