What tornado damage looks like from the inside, as it happens

The Des Moines Register posted this video on their site of the security cameras from inside of a bank that was destroyed during the tornado in Parkersburg, Iowa over the recent Memorial Day weekend. The video is astounding. You can see what the wind can do as the windows are blown out, and then the tornado hits the building dead on, eventually taking out the cameras.

Update: The Des Moines Register also posted this video footage from the same storm that destroyed much of Parkersburg, Iowa. It’s truly shocking.


5 Replies to “What tornado damage looks like from the inside, as it happens”

  1. This won’t help my nightmares much.

    I do have to say though…when they made the movie Twister…they did their homework. It all looks eerily similar.

  2. That’s exactly why I’m working on selling to banks. Sure, their safe is probably fine, but what kind of data loss did they suffer? Fwooosh.

  3. Wow. Crazy footage. I am a tornado junky and would love to chase one of those suckers down one day. But it isn’t cool when lives and properties are lost.

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