Saying farewell to Hollow Tree in Stanley Park

Rebecca and I made a trek into Stanley Park this morning. With the hectic schedules that we have these days, it’s one thing that we both love to do, especially so we can see all the changes they’ve been doing since the massive storm that affected so much of the park.

Apart of that laundry list of damage is Hollow Tree. The humega tourist landmark is losing the battle and has recently been decided to be taken down.

The most famous tree in Stanley Park will soon take up a new home, horizontal, on the ground.

The Vancouver Park Board voted unanimously on a recommendation to take down the hollow tree rather than spend $200,000 trying to prop it up.

But even with braces on the tree, there was no guarantee it would be safe for tourists to surround.

The tree will now likely be sliced down the middle with each half laid out so that people can walk between them. [news1130]

With this information in mind this morning, we stopped by to see it before it’s gone. Well, at least before it’s turned into a different variation of a tourist landmark than what it already is.

I think it goes without saying that I am a huge lover of Stanley Park, and the fact that this tree has to come down is sad. However, nature should be allowed to return to nature.

The fact that this tree (which, last I checked, is a type of living organism with roots, bark, branches, and leaves) is being held together with nuts, bolts, cable wires, and steel beams (which I’m fairly sure isn’t common among most plant based organisms) says that maybe the time has come to let it go.


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  1. I’m glad they didn’t do the $200,000 project. What a surreal amount of money to save a tree.

    I first heard about the project on Rebecca’s blog, and I immediately emailed the Park Board and told them what I thought of the idea. My first bit of participatory democracy here in Canada (and maybe my last since I cannot vote here).

  2. I thought it was funny to try and prop up the tree and more bizarre on the amount of money they would spend to do it. I’m glad they are laying it to rest. I remember when i was little and what it was like to see. Though recently it just looked and neglected.

  3. Well, it’s not the Tower of Pisa, and even the Tower of Pisa is not propped 🙂 Great post.

  4. saving The Hallow Tree is in the works right now. Just received encouragement from Hon. Campbell to save it with the blessings by the Parks Board and Recreation. It will be moved into a Pavilion as a CENTERPIECE restored, preserved upright NOT chopped that is to be built in Vancouver called ” CANADA ARTS ANTIQUES COLLECTIBLES PAVILION”. With all the support of the people in B.C. this can be possible. We have a one of a kind Hallow tree that had endured 1000 years or so hardship, why destroy now? give it another 1000 years for next generations to enjoy, at the same time we provide employment, exposure for our “starving artist”, boost tourism, add joy not boredom for Vancouver, etc. Watch for the upcoming website: . PLEASE HELP SAVE THE HALLOW TREE

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