Update your bookmarks and welcome to johnbollwitt.com

I’ve gone and done it again. Rebecca bought me my very own domain for my last birthday, and I’ve decided to launch it one a bit of whim. More of the details later, but I’ve switched my hosting provider and used that as a good excuse to make the cut with audihertz.net.

It’s kind of a sad day to see the domain that I’ve been working under for so long go away (only somewhat because I own it for a long time to come), but it’s time to opt for something a tad more functional for conveying what my URL is. Audihertz will probably be a long time, online persona, but this site now has a much more personal brand to it now.

Welcome to the era of johnbollwitt.com.

Old links should still work through the magic of Duane Storey wizardry. Thanks to him for helping me through the process.


15 Replies to “Update your bookmarks and welcome to johnbollwitt.com”

  1. The old link didn’t work for me…but I’ve got the new one updated.

    And, yeah, let us know about those feeds too…

  2. Everything should be pointing from johnbollwitt.com now. I might have some loose ends to tie up for stats and whatever, but it should all work.

    …I hope.

  3. I most definitely enjoy the all-new JB.com

    The design is lovely.

    I have updated my blogroll.

    I am not sure how I feel about you and Duane “sharing fiber.” I think it gives me the “no” feeling that we learned about in second grade.

  4. You’re just jealous that YOU can’t share in the fiber goodness. You need to get a Mac. Just sayin’.

    BTW, this theme is hot John.. Did you do it? I’m so gonna copy you with the “Hey this is my blog so my comment is in a different color” feature.

  5. Duane – you need to comment on our sites more hehe, we’ve both had that feature for almost two years now 😛

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