RSS feed management

Some time ago, I had a request to supply a separate feed to my blog for those who would be interested in subscribing to a “posts only version” of my site. I finally got around to getting this done, so here is how it breaks down.

  • Posts + Flickr + Feed: This is currently how the feed has been operating for a while now. If you put this RSS feed into your aggregator, you would see not only my latest blog posts, but you would also get the various pictures I would post to Flickr as well as bookmarks that I would save on This is the true, social gambit of stuff that I like to loft into the blogosphere.
  • Posts Only Feed: This should speak for itself, but allow me to clarify. If you would prefer to not get all the pictures and bookmarks or whatever I decide to put in that “life feed”, then subscribe to this one. You’ll only get the posts from my blog in this feed, so it’s really a matter of preference because you’ll never miss anything that I am posting to my blog.
  • Comments Feed: Curious to see what people are posting for comments on my posts? Then this is the feed for you. You’ll see how horrible I am at replying to comments as well as getting the latest and greatest spam bombs that happen from time to time. Crucial if you are keeping tabs on the viagra and cialis markets on the internet.

Pick and choose what you want to follow. You have the power. And if you are not using RSS feed reader, try Google Reader. It’s my tool of preference.


3 Replies to “RSS feed management”

  1. You were already in my Flickr contacts, so I ended up seeing your photos twice. Thanks for offering the Posts Only Feed: I didn’t have you in my network, but do now, so I’ll still see everything you post, just now in the contexts I have setup in my reader.

  2. And you know, it wasn’t until I considered that, on top of the request, that splitting up my feeds made sense. For people like you and I, this works better so we don’t get duplicates because I have the same thing for you, Richard.

    Hope it helps out more folks. 🙂

  3. I see nothing…because RSS feeds are blocked by the Great Firewall. 🙁

    I have to access all of my feeds through Tor…and this is a bit slow, so I only read feeds early in the morning when traffic is slow on the network. Brutal.

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