Nuts and dried fruit goes a long way

Christmas thanks at work If there is one thing that everyone should remember, at least during one point in a year, it’s to thank the folks that work hard, behind the scenes, to make things happen. I only say this because when it happens, it makes those people feel good for all the hours of labor that often wouldn’t be possible unless you had people willing to do the task and not demand a lot of credit.

That might sound selfish, but let me be completely honest. I work in radio, and that’s exactly what I do. It’s not a cry for attention or a need to be just as recognized as those people that are on the mic day in and day out. This is more of a plea for the rest of the world, at least those in the working force who rely on people with technical expertise on a daily basis, to just show a token of appreciation.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve had quite the week already, the twelve hour day I just got done with, or the thought of the tasks looming on the horizon. When someone brought the gift basket into our department from the sales folks, it certainly made me feel good, no matter how many fires I have to put out in a day or how much my brain hurts by the time it hits the pillow.

And seriously, if this sounds at all familiar to you, remember to at least thank those people.


2 Replies to “Nuts and dried fruit goes a long way”

  1. I so appreciate the IT men and women in my life along with all the wires that run everywhere. Most people don’t understand how much work it is to keep technology running. Good for the sales staff for recognizing the obvious. Looks like quite a basket of goodies – enjoy!

  2. i had some of the almond chocolate spread last night. i think that’s why i was up til almost 3am but man, was it ever tasty

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