Nalgene water bottles and possible health risks

Water bottles that cause cancer

What a cruddy feeling it was to hear and read about this morning. I took a Nalgene water bottle up and down Mt. Fuji, not to mention all over the Kanto Plain while in Japan, and it was my best friend through my remainder days in college.

As with everything else in this world, they might cause cancer.

Mountain Equipment Co-op pulls Nalgene water bottles from shelves

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Whether you drink it murky and straight from the tap or you take it filtered, there are new concerns today about water containers. One of the most popular refillable bottles has now been pulled from one store’s shelves.

Mountain Equipment Co-op will no longer sell the popular Nalgene bottle. That was supposed to be the healthy choice but now we learn it’s a product made with bisphenol A, which is a component studies have linked with higher cancer and disease risks. […]

Health Canada is examining the risks but the findings won’t be available until at least late Spring. [news1130]

I bought the bottle in the picture above at Deakin Equipment during their fall clearance sale just a few months ago. I think we have a few other Nalgene bottles in the apartment, if not close look-a-likes.

Maybe it will turn out to be nothing, but it’s certainly something that you don’t want to hear about when you drink at least two or three, full refills of water out of this bottle nearly everyday. I’m really inclined to wait for more word on the situation before I think about using my lovely, beloved Nalgene bottle again.