White days in Vancouver

Snow day in Vancouver

That was the scene this afternoon, and it looks like we’re getting more tonight before it turns to slush and rain by Monday.

Snow in downtown parking lot

The funny thing is the next picture that Rebecca took while we were back in Iowa about a week ago.

riverside gardens
Photo credit: miss604 on Flickr

I’m sorry, Vancouver. Looks like we brought it with us.


6 Replies to “White days in Vancouver”

  1. it was pretty freaky. i was on great northern way, tried to turn right – what a mess! took me 15 minutes to get the 50 yards back onto great northern way, inch by inch. it’s as if there was icy soap on the roads. then it looked like everything was fine and all of a sudden i lost complete control of the car, did 3/4 of a donut, and finally ended up facing the wrong way – but at least against the curb. looked like another car might smash into us so we got the hell out of the car. somehow with all of this, the keys got left in the locked car. 2 hours later, when my husband came to get the car, it was as if nothing had happened. yup, that’s vancouver.

  2. oops the post above was really from me, marian, in calgary!
    hard to get to excited on this end but i do ‘get’ why it’s a big deal in vancouver
    guess you really are part of canada after all!!
    he he he

  3. 22C and sunny here in lovely southern China. And family and friends in Oregon wonder why I don’t come home for Christmas!

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