Rocking the False Creek

View from work 1

Tis true. I’ve landed myself a new gig and become one of the many public transit commuters in Vancouver. And oddly, there is something satisfying to being able to strap on my iPod in the mornings and make the trek over to the new job. There’s a lot for me to do there, and it’s very much a clock in and clock out operation. I’m all for getting things done, and only after a week, I feel like I’ve been there a month.

I’m sure details will sort themselves out, but there isn’t a need, at least by my own standards, to shout from the rooftops as to where I’m at now. Regardless, it’s a massive step up from anything I could have ever imagined, and I consider myself lucky to be where I am. I didn’t seek it out. It found me.

So my apologies for not talking about it much before now. I would say that I’ve been more busy getting used to the new lifestyle versus being crazy busy like I was over the summer. As it all sorts it self out, there will be a reprisal of content, and that goes for here and the podcasts, RZ more than TCC.

Right now, I’m having a hard time adapting to the lifestyle of being tagged with a Blackberry and released into the wild. I wouldn’t say that I’m loving it as much as getting used to it. I’ll try to give a better post about it later, but getting that “crackberry” fixation just isn’t as catching to me as I thought it would be.


3 Replies to “Rocking the False Creek”

  1. Hey John
    Great to know that you’re no longer one of the great underemployed.

    After such a long time on the fringes returning to the daily grind must be a heck of a shock to the system.

    Dig in and enjoy the ride. Who knows where it’ll lead.

  2. I’ve said it elsewhere but I’ll say congrats again!

    Sounds like a nice change of pace and will now allow you to get out more without having to drive an RV to get there 😉

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