Cause I’m never gonna stop the rain by complaining

Rainy morning on Georgia St.

Welcome to fall time in Vancouver once again.

Wet leaves everywhere

As I look out the window right now, the rain drops are the size of marbles. A few minutes ago, they were falling at a left angle. Now they’re falling at a right angle.

Leaves clog the drain

My feet are damp from walking to and from breakfast this morning with Rebecca, and the first storm of the season is ramping up to hit the lower mainland today. More trees to fall? Less water to drink?

Cold, wet, and rainy means fall time

This is what living in Vancouver means, and I’m okay with that.


5 Replies to “Cause I’m never gonna stop the rain by complaining”

  1. nice shots babe. it’s nuts to see all the leaves clogging the drains. when i lived in boston EVERY leaf was swept off the sidewalk and streets – i guess so if you slipped you couldn’t sue 😛 (then again i did live right beside harvard and they had landscapers year-round) but still, it’s a bit of a problem when you have all them leaves piling up over the drains. i wanna kayak to work… i bet i could….

  2. I miss the change of season.

    Great simple shots, dude.

    When I came back to the hometown in early August, I went back up to Cleveland Dam for the first time in years; the last time I’d been was for a field-trip when I was a kid. The sight of the reservoir and the signage describing the dam and the reservoir is a great reminder about the great water supply for the GVRD.

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