Comparing loonies to the thin, aluminum Apple keyboard

My mom did something interesting the other day. They purchased one of the new Apple keyboards, the new, ultra thin aluminum ones that now come standard with most of their desktop machines. Taking some loonies from their last trip to Vancouver, she showed just how thin it actually is.

Two loonies thick

As you can see, the thickness of the keyboard is just two loonies.

One loonie thick

The keys themselves stick up from the keyboard at just one thickness of a single loonie.

That’s an outstanding size comparison. I haven’t had a chance to use one of these, but the last standard that Apple sent out with their products, in terms of keyboards, is something I’m not too found of. I love the feel of the keys on Apple laptops, so this might be an investment worth snagging. I fear I’d fight Rebecca over it though.


4 Replies to “Comparing loonies to the thin, aluminum Apple keyboard”

  1. I didn’t care much for Apple’s desktop keyboards until I tried this one. I bought two (work, home). They feel great and I believe they’ve improved my speed. The keys are light and crisp, quiet but not silent.

  2. I think it inot only mproved my speed but my accuracy as well. It’s scary to think that I’m getting as Geeky as the rest of my family.

  3. I purchased one of the new wireless keyboards, which is yet to get here. I’m excited though, I love my MacBook’s keyboard, and feel strongly that having the same tactile experience with both will help me considerably when I switch between them.

  4. I am still a PC user but hey, I should be forgiven for being geeky enough to have a blog.

    Feliz CumpleaNos Juan!

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