WiFi enabled iPods are here, bonus for podcasters

New iPods

There are still things that could be better with the new iPod Touch, but overall, I can’t complain too much. This is one step closer to what could be really good for the realm of podcasting. Putting wireless internet into an iPod makes getting podcasts that much easier. Grab a coffee in a place with free WiFi and download the latest episode of RadioZoom while you’re there. That way you can listen to some new tunes when your in office listening gets stale.

Not sure about my opinion on the rest of the new gizmos, but it would be nice to replace Rebecca’s ailing iPod Mini. Perhaps with the iPod Touch, she could take mobile blogging to whole new levels. It’s almost like not needing a laptop, but it remains to be seen. Have to say that I’m digging those new nanos as well.


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  1. my therapist has the shuffle in lime green i always see it plugged into his lap top i can’t believe how small that bloody thing is.
    we are thinking we *might* finally get an ipod *something* for an anniversary gift to our selfs. just covered the birthdays now we gotta figure out the anniversary.. 🙂

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