My first bear

As Keira commented, it’s been a little while since I’ve made a post. Work life has been hectic, and the long weekend prompted a kick ass getaway to Osoyoos. Getting back yesterday, I’m right back into the fray. But while doing the work thing last Friday, I saw my first bear in the wild during my first time ever in Whistler.

Photographers in force

He came across the hill and ventured down the worn in pathway, nibbling on weeds or flowers or something.


This woman was asking for it. She stood there with her back to the bear to get a picture with it in the background. Did she stop there? No, she started to yell “Hey, bear! Look here, bear!” over her shoulder to get the bear to look her way just so she could snap that amazing picture. Better yet, she started backing up about ten feet, pulling her picture taker with her, towards the bear.

Bear strolls down the trail

Black bears don’t get very large, but this one seems like it could grow just a little bit more before it’s fully grown. At least that’s what other people were saying. I haven’t a clue.

Closest Bear Ever

I would say that thirty yards is as close as I got, some folks got closer only because the bear came in that far. After reaching the bottom of the trail, he turned around and went back the way he came. Needless to say, I was pretty amazed. My co-workers flipped when I said that I had never seen a bear before, so everyone came running to make sure I caught him about a hundred yards out. Didn’t think I would be getting as close as I did though.


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  1. People are so dumb when it comes to wild animals. When I was near Jasper last year, I saw this family start sneaking up on a huge moose to try and photograph it.

  2. Yeah People are stupid! I had a similar experience one weekend in Whistler. This brown bear was coming out of the trees near a pathway and this girl just walked by him and just stared him in the eyes. I swear she was only 10 feet away from it.

    I just thought that was stupid. Lucky for me I was in the safety of my car 🙂

  3. I had a black bear cub in my back yard last year. Not sure how he got there because it’s fenced in.

    The BC Conservation Officers had to come and remove it (they tranq’d him and put him in the back of a pickup). Then they told the neighbourhood to go into their houses because they were not sure if Momma Bear was in the area looking for her cub. They never did find momma though…

  4. The last thing I’d do is standing that close to a bear…

    The worst experience I had with bears was driving back from Penticton. Going through Manning Park we saw bunch cars on the side of the highway. Next thing I knew cars in front of us were breaking/stopping. It was so sudden I almost ran into a car! One of the drivers even started backing up his car on the freaking highway! What an idiot!

    A good friend of mine had a run-in experience with 3 bears back in May. He was camping by himself up in a logging road near Squamish. Around 3 in the morning he was awaken by sound outside of his tent. There were 1 mother bear and 2 cubs climbing a tree 10 metres in front of his tent! They hung around for 2 hours while my friend sat in the tent trying not to make any sound. Scary!

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