All the way from Smithers, B.C.

Sean, aka Zanstorm, is on holidays with his wife, taking a road trip through southern B.C and the island. I’ve been reading his hockey blog, most for the Canucks content and not the Leaf stuff, for a long time. Waiting For Stanley is clever, funny, passionate, and very informed, even for a fan who is up in the interior.

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Sean has been on The Crazy Canucks just once, but with the coming season on the horizon, watch for him to make another appearance or three. We’ve also told him that he needs to really get down here for a game.

This was the first time that Sean has ever stepped beyond the realms of meeting people online and meeting them in real life. Sadly, we were still pretty groggy from the late night Blogathon adventure. Next time, we’ll get hockey crazy, Vancouver style.

Hope you enjoy the vacation, Sean! Come back soon!


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  1. Ahhh…what a great Canuck family! I need to get over there and meet y’all with a beer or four…because I NEED to get over there for a game!

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