My mom has cooler shoes than me

Mom’s cool shoes I’m jealous. She got these for bike riding. With my shin splint, I’m reduced to walking for a few weeks. The pain is just too much, but these are completely the type of shoes I’d want for working everyday. Can’t wear the flip flops when hauling stuff around, not to mention with all the rain we get in Vancouver.


3 Replies to “My mom has cooler shoes than me”

  1. Yes I know these feet and the woman. She has just recently purchased a wild three wheeled bike tht matches the blue in her shoes. I’ll try to grab a photo when she is not looking… more later.

  2. i have a couple canes in my storage closet if you need that extra support. one is a little sturdier than the other, but the weak one was my great grampas and is grrreat for whippin ass with. id offer up my skateboard to roll around on, but i think i gave that to devo. anyways, if the pain is 2excruciating 2go on, ive been working on a device to shrink people down allowing themselves as well as a shrunken submersible vehicle to be injected into the bloodstream of martin short. then you wont have to walk.

    yes, el guapo. you have a plethora.

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