But yes I love technology

As a complete experiment, I am typing this on a Nokia N800. The interface takes a little bit to get used to, but the screen quality is fascinating to look at. So far, I have been very impressed. This is really something that would take getting used to.

Using the handwriting option is very interesting. It takes a little to get used to. Not being a cursive writer since elementary makes it tough. I’m much more of a sMall uppercase writer. I will alSo stop cor.recting rrors to See now much Faster I Can Set t .his Finished.

The cool thing about the N800 is the auto complete of the text, no matter if you uSe the Keyboard or handwriting. CoMbining the two can be very effective. You just have to learn how.

Still, it took me way too long to post this.

Hey Nokia, send Me one oF these to Play with some more!

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