David Beckham for dummies

I caught this article on The Guardian and found it pretty good. Being that the L.A. Galaxy are coming to Vancouver to play a friendly match against the hometown Whitecaps, it’s a little timely. Still, there are far more people in Vancouver who know about David Beckham[wiki] than in L.A.

I guess this is mostly for my American friends who don’t. And yes, this is about futbol, or in your case, soccer.

From Argentina to LA: everything you wanted to know but had forgotten to ask over the last 10 years

So, LA Galaxy have signed the world’s biggest and best footballer? Well, one of out two ain’t bad, etc.

What do you mean? Beckham has always been a very good footballer, but never a great. And certainly not fit to lace Ronaldinho’s boots.

Oh. Where did his story start? At his childhood team Manchester United – he made his debut in 1992, became a regular member of the squad in 1994 and a regular member of the team in 1995.

People keep mentioning Wimbledon. Was he into tennis as well? Er, no. On the first day of the 1996-97 season, he scored a goal from inside his own half – something Pele couldn’t even manage – away to Wimbledon. He was only 21 years old, and it changed his life.

How so? It put him on the radar of Posh Spice for a start, and it also led to him being anointed as English football’s next superstar.

What happened next? He starred in Manchester United’s 1996-97 title victory and had an excellent season the next year, but then he had a shocker at the 1998 World Cup.

Tell me more… He was dropped at the start, because the crackpot manager Glenn Hoddle reckoned he’d lost focus, and then, after returning against Colombia with a brilliant free-kick, h-

He’s good at free-kicks, isn’t he? Yep. Check these out.


The rest of the read is pretty good, too.


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