WOXY gets back on the radio dial

The saga of WOXY is a long and interesting tale. For a long time, it was the one radio station that I wanted to have a job at, willing to drop everything to move to Cincinnati, Ohio just to work there. Then it got sold and went internet-only.

Amazingly, WOXY[wiki] is making a return to the airwaves.

That’s right, folks. We’ve been working on this for some time now, but it’s finally time to let the cat out of the bag. Through a unique partnership with Cincinnati Public Radio and 91.7 WVXU, you’ll soon be able to pick up WOXY.com on the second multicast channel of WVXU once it transitions to HD Radio in August!

Once you have an HD Radio receiver, you’ll be able to pick up our live broadcast 24/7 on WVXU HD2 anywhere within WVXU’s coverage area. Yup, WOXY.com will rock your car once again.

We’re all incredibly excited about being back on-the-air in the Tri-State and will be posting more info soon on what to expect and the best places to pick up an HD Radio receiver. [woxy]

This is an amazing bit of history. The operation has had its fair share of struggles to exist up to this point, but the ability for a radio station to hold on after losing its place on the dial is pretty amazing. Now they have a chance to make a triumphant return. Well, there is the whole HD thing to contend with.

It’s true that HD radio[wiki] is struggling with getting off the ground. There are two things that are working for it. At least I would by a radio capable of HD if I lived in the Cincinnati area so I could listen to WOXY anywhere, and the same can be said of other markets because of the extra programming you can put on an HD frequency. The prices of receivers are still on the high end, but that’s beginning to slowly change. That can only help the spread of HD, especially once more vehicles come with HD radios built-in.

Still, it’s way cool to see WOXY make it back on the air. I smell a Rain Man sequel.


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