The Crazy Canucks on the iPhone

John Biehler left a comment on my last post about the iPhone, and the picture he took is too good not to post.

Crazy Canucks Podcast on the iPhone
Photo credit: retrocactus on Flickr

In his comment, he said, “Streaming podcasts in Safari on the iPhone works amazingly well.”

This is certainly some great news. I would still like to see some very simple and easy applications on the iPhone that are specifically geared towards podcasting. You see and hear about the YouTube button on the device, so why not develop something like that for subscribing and listening to your podcasts?

Of course, I don’t own one and have never seen one. Perhaps the function exists, and I just don’t know it yet.

Edit: I found this link courtesy of Scoble. Very funny things you can do with your iPhone contacts.


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  1. When I get back to town next week, let’s get together and you can check it out in person.

    The streaming part is pretty cool and I wasn’t expecting the mobile Safari to work as seamlessly as it did with mp3 file links. I just surfed to and clicked on the mp3 link and presto, the iPod app popped up and it was playing the podcast. The only thing I noticed (as I’m sure you did) is that instead of the nice podcast banner you get when you subscribe via iTunes, you get the streaming Quicktime logo…but hey it worked flawlessly so it’s a minor issue in that respect.

    Did I mention you can also stream video from your desktop to the iPhone? (from home or remotely)

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