Horse vs. Dog in the park

This is purely an observation, but there is something that I have noticed for a long time when it comes to the numerous trips I make into Stanley Park. The place is a bit of an obsession, but I’m not the only person who likes to run in or around the place.

Expensive Dog Beach In my best Seinfeld impression, what’s up with all the horse poop on the trails? Not only that, but it shows up on the Seawall path as well! Big, honking clumps of horse manure, green in all of its glory. Little land mines just waiting for some sucker to not watch their step and get a nice, aromatic surprise.

The thing that kills me is that dog owners face fines for not having their pet on a leash, taking their animal is prohibited areas, or not picking up “the business” of that all dogs must do. If it’s not a few hundred dollars of a fine, it’s got an extra zero or so tagged on to the punishment.

Now, I am not a dog owner, never have been. Love all sorts of animals, but this is something that still confounds me. Why is it that horses can crap where they please without punishment, not to mention a complete lack of clean up? I’ve ran around piles of these green apple treats for a series of days before the rain can come around to help wash off the pathway, and this is in high traffic areas like around the Nine O’clock Gun or the little information center by the aquarium.

The worst speculation that I have is that a potential, common offender here is horseback police patrols, as I’ve passed just a few in the park while living here. If this might be true, then I really think something needs to be enforced to deal with this horse crap. Double standards stink. Literally.


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  1. OK…you’ve set it up…I don’t know if I can go without saying something. Dare me?

    OK…I’ll stay quiet…

    No…I can’t…

    What a shitty post!

    sorry…it had to be said.

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