Andeles restaurant on Davie Street, Vancouver

Something new to try with my blogging adventures is to review places to eat. More so, the places that Rebecca and I find ourselves exploring. We recently discovered that we’ve been getting into a little bit of a rut, so we’re trying to branch out with new places from time to time.

Andeles on Davie Street in the west end of Vancouver was a pit stop on a long day we had about a week ago. We were searching and searching for someplace to eat, and after plenty of wandering, we stumbled into Andeles.

Recently, someone said there is no good Mexican food in Canada, and it’s something I have attested to but hold hope that somewhere… somehow… I will find it. Gladly, I can say that Andeles has some really good food, not to mention that they throw in some Spanish cuisine as well. And trust me, there is a difference.

Dinner at Andales We both ended up getting the special for that evening, which consisted of two pork enchiladas in a verdes sauce, one (so messy you could only eat it with a fork because it was busting at the seams) beef taco, rice, beans, and a salad. $11.95, and this sucker was enough food to be twice that price. Not to mention, it was tasty.

The only thing that caught the both of us was, and you know we had to try them, the margaritas. It’s one of those rare things that I have become a snob about, and the carbonation in their recipe caught me off guard. I had never tried such a thing, and it very well could have been Fresca that was added in with the drink.

Don’t get me wrong, they did the trick, but I find it curious to have such good food with “odd” margarita concoctions. Won’t stop me from coming back, but the help wanted sign in the window almost persuaded me to apply so I could help fix this, at least in my mind, error. Although, it could be a west coast thing, maybe even a Spanish influence of some sort. Not knocking it, just saying that it caught me by surprise.

Fear not. We’ll be repeat customers.


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  1. Not that I would know or anything *cough cough* being a few years under 21 still…but the carbonated marg, that’s just weird. Definitely not a west coast thing, although, an interesting approach.

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