Crazy Canucks Outsider live on

Attention Canucks fans! A first time event for myself, but Dave will be taking the Canucks Outsider live again tonight on In addition, Rebecca and I are partaking in the event this evening, expanding our conquest into the realm of new media and tossing in some representation from The Crazy Canucks at the same time.

Check out the goings on here or just come back to my site because this goes live tonight at 7PM PST. You can watch it on this page, but you’ll really been interested in going to the Ustream site to get in on the live chatting action.

For those of you within viewing shot of the game on TV, here’s a neat little tip. Bypass the crap that comes at intermission and commercials with keeping the Ustream going on in the background. What I did last time Dave went live with the video feed is to have my computer hooked up to the TV and then switched over to him during said times. His hi-jinks gave you all the Canucks love that you need in these feverish playoff times. Hopefully we’ll be able to add to that.

Go ‘Nucks!

Update: Depressing end to a game that saw the Canucks start out looking so strong. Anaheim takes the series to a 3-1 lead. Hold hope. We can win three more.


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  1. I was bummed that i just could not get a connection this time to the live stream. Not sure why…I would get in, chat a little, and then it would all lock up.

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