The Crazy Canucks #30 – Library Square Pub with CTV

Hello, world. I have not forgotten about you, but there are so many things going on that I can barely wrap my head around them all. Alas, I did get an episode of The Crazy Canucks out today. Watch CTV tomorrow, between 5pm and 7pm, to catch the story behind the story on this episode. Actually, the podcast gives you a better story, but whatever.

CTV in Vancouver contacted TCC about doing a “light feature” about our podcast, especially since this whole city is Canucks crazed with the first round of the playoffs going on. They started out with doing some shots with John “in the studio” and then followed us to a gathering of sorts at Library Square Pub, near GM Place.

Playoff record as of this recording:
Vancouver 1
Dallas 1

The package has not aired yet, and we’ll post a link to it if we can. Otherwise, enjoy the mayhem that is The Crazy Canucks. We break down the four OT win in game one, look at the injuries that resulted, who has come up, and get into a little listener feedback. Raw audio from CTV’s interview with Alanah is also included. Even though she couldn’t be apart of the fun at the pub, she (hopefully) still made it into the TV news. And if you found us from the CTV story, welcome!

36:48 minutes
The Crazy Canucks


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  1. It’s ALIVE!!!!

    Rumor has it you are a working stiff now. What gives? No more lazing around the condo, waiting for the wifey to bring home the (back) bacon?

  2. I’m not there just yet. Had a one time gig with a local radio station that might lead to more things in the future. Situation is still normal, in a holding pattern until someone gives me the call.

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