Yahoo Mail is going googolplex

Quite often when someone asks me about getting a free email account, my response is always GMail. I don’t use its web interface very often, but watching Rebecca fly through it tells me that it’s powerful. However, it’s the storage that always made it a no brainer to me.

Well, that’s not so easy anymore. Yahoo is saying, “Limits? We don’t need no stinking limits!”

And today? Yahoo has announced that Yahoo Mail’s new limit is…well, it has no limit. You get infinite space for your e-mail. Let me repeat: infinite space. As in you can store all your e-mail. Even if you have an unlimited amount of it

The company says not all users will get limitless storage immediately–it needs time to roll this new feature out. One can only imagine: It must take awhile to buy and install an infinite number of hard disks. [pcworld]

I haven’t ventured into the Yahoo Mail realm for a long time, and when I did, it wasn’t that much time spent. For the simplicity of things, it’s worth noting for those users who are not so tech minded. If storage like this will become the norm, it’ll be more of a battle of user interface than how much junk mail you can get crammed into your email account.

And what, Hotmail is still around 100Mb for a free account? The UI there is such an eyesore, but at the Massive Technology Show yesterday, I heard people giving out their email addresses a lot. What were they? Hotmail. Yuck.


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  1. Hotmail is up to 250mb for a freebie. I don’t even come close to using that space, as I download all my emails to my hard drive.

    What I don’t like about Yahoo is the spam that comes with it. Yeah, I get it with Hotmail too…but not nearly the amount as with Yahoo. Expat Daughter had one for a short time and I was amazed at how quickly her inbox filled with crap. She uses GMail now and seems happy with it.

    I’ve been using hotmail for so long, I just don’t want to change addresses. And funny thing is…I have had my Yahoo user id since 1994…and I still haven’t opened the email account. I just wish there were a SPAM free address somewhere.

  2. 250? Shows you how much I pay attention to Hotmail.

    I would hope that infinite email storage wouldn’t mean just as much spam. Here’s to hoping, at least for the users’ sake.

  3. As someone said yesterday on the Buzz Out Loud podcast: Unlimited storage? It’s still not enough!

    The total storage limit for your emails may be “unlimited”, but there are still limits on the individual files/attachments. Then they discussed how long it would be before it’s hacked to become a Y!-drive. Oh, 1 day. šŸ™‚

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