What do you want to be when you grow up?

In about a month, give or take one to five because the Canadian government is just that awesome with paperwork, I’ll have my green light to be fully employable. We haven’t had the bash to celebrate because this whole process has been a long story of hurry up and wait. It’s a multi-stage process where you’re happy to hear good news when you just start to abandon all hope. Then there is a wave of elation, followed by the reality of more paperwork that you have to send in to start the waiting process once again.

The biggest dilemma is the question that I’ve been fielding quite often lately, and Northern Voice was the worst places of all to have this come to be a moment of clarity. What do I want to do once I’m able to, legally, work?

That’s a lot harder for me to answer with a simple, concise, non-lengthy explanation. I have seven years experience in radio, a combination of on-air talent, production, producing, I.T. and engineering(not uncommon for people in radio these days to wear many hats). There’s the fact that I’m interested in all things new media, especially the world of podcasting and blogging.

I’ve been doing designing of websites since I was 16, wavering in and out of doing a lot of it. For a time, I worked for my parents where we had a side project doing this for local businesses in the town I grew up in, a different time and era for sure. Blogging has really brightened my understanding of PHP, SQL, and CSS a whole lot, and I’m in the middle of a couple of projects, unrelated to my current ones, that are using these skills in full force.

So when someone asks me this question of what do I want to do, it’s tough. Would I like to get into the radio market of Vancouver? Absolutely, and I’ve actually interviewed with a lot of the major players since first coming here in 2005, CKNW and Team1040 being a few prominent ones to mention. All those ventures came up short when they get to that part about having the necessary status that makes you legit for getting a paycheck.

I’m gearing up to start the hunt when the time comes, but there is no simple answer to the question. I’ve had the past year and a half to think about it, and during that time, I’ve watched a lot of opportunity pass me by, if not slip through my fingers. That’s bound to change, and Rebecca can’t wait until she can have me out of the apartment more often. Quite frankly, I can’t either.

Trust me, everything I have done in life has been an earnest effort of tackling it with persistence. More than a few people in Vancouver have mentioned that about me, and I hope that was a compliment.


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  1. And when those papers come through, there will be so much cheering from the midwest that you will probably be able to hear it all the way to Canada!

  2. Best of luck to ya, whatever you might find. Hope you can do what you want to do when you do get a job. I know I schlepped for a lot of years in jobs that I just showed up to…and now I am doing what I am doing today!!

    For your sake…hopefully this will be the last you have to rely on the government for anything. Best they out of the way so you can make a living in peace.

    But then…you may just end of pouring coffee at Tim Horton’s…so there ya go.

  3. Hey man, it looks like my new company is going to be needing some of your talents soon. If you’re interested in moving back to the States…

  4. My Russian wife is waiting for her papers as well. She cannot wait to work and provide some income.
    Don’t worry, John, you’ll find something good.

  5. It’s a hell of a process. Was talking to someone the other day about how folks from the eastern hemisphere view Canada as a land of opportunity, easy to relocate to and get work in, almost like the U.S. was at the turn of the century. It’s not that easy unless you are willing to put in the time to wade through it.

  6. Time is everything. We did the paperwork to perfection and it still looks to take about 7 months to process and finalize. It’s almost as if there aren’t enough people working in the offices and they are always WAY BEHIND!

  7. Well if CANADA POST wouldn’t have COMPLETELY LOST our latest parcel including work permit application we’d be a little further along.

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