NV07: Wicked fast bandwidth in the mid-morning

One session in NV, and things are pretty good. The initial gathering of the MooseCamp session was much like BarCampVancouver. The fear is there just as much; there is no way I can get to everything that I want to see, hear, or do.

First session: Social Media Diaspora. Roland led this one, and it brought up a really great discussion about how we assume new and difference identities in the various circles that we become involved in. Essentially, I can break it down the easiest on a personal level. Even though I live and love Vancouver, there is only so much I can really say or do to consider myself a true Vancouverite. I can become involved with the community, but there is no way that I could ever speak for it, no matter how much I embrace it. Empathy rather than sympathy, and how that is viewed across the board.

Uploading pictures from my cellphone, the wireless here is wickedly fast. Spent time talking to David Drucker about Boston today. Even though I’ve never lived there, I like using the word “wicked” with everything.

Posting fast today, so I’ll try to add in some needed links later.

Wanna see the sessions for today’s MooseCamp? Go here.

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