I am all not for Snap previews

If there is anything more annoying to me when it comes to website browsing, it’s Snap previews. It’s completely a matter of preference, but I cannot help but express my disregard for something that is supposed to be helpful.

When I’m looking at a site, I don’t want to see a tiny preview in a pop-up bubble of the link that I think I might like to click on, from said site that I am already looking at, especially when it has a bunch of links on it. Maybe it comes from the fact that I get a lot of content from RSS feeds, not bothering with loading websites unless I find it necessary. However, if I want to view a web page, I want to see the whole thing. I don’t want to peek through the keyhole. I’d rather just kick the door down and go in to see what I can find.

Thankfully, BoingBoing has pointed to a great post about what you can do to stop this helpful service from functioning on your browser. Rock!


5 Replies to “I am all not for Snap previews”

  1. Nothing personal, man. I just can’t stand those things. Drives me a little nutty. At least I have the ability to turn them off, right? Not slamming those who put them on their sites. 😉

  2. Hey…Tai-Tai was giving me a bunch of crap about it too. I just thought I’d try it out for a while. She was the initial one to say something…I figured if there was a quorum of irritation, I’d yank it.

    I’m just gonna go over here in my corner and cry…

  3. This is truly ironic! I went to Expat’s site through your blogroll, John, and saw the Snap preview there. I had to try it. But for the reasons you expained, I got rid of it over a week ago.
    Too bad I couldn’t isolate it to just the blogroll part of my blog though. I liked seeing the preview pictures of other people’s blogs and thought that maybe that would encourage others to see before clicking. But I just couldn’t get over the ‘peeping through’ part, especially since I have so many damned links on the site.

  4. I thought they were neat then yeah, a little annoying – but no more than anything else that pops up while you’re browsing.

    At work they must have done a Windows update cause now there’s a bubble that pops up from the system tray every time we print something… POP “you’re printing” AHHHHH!

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