Don’t mind the mess

It’s been a bit of a process getting this blog update to WordPress 2.1. The hardest part is making sure all your plugins work and figuring out what templet tags have changed or not. I’ve got the CSS of my site cleaned up with some minor tweaks, but I feel like the pages are loading slower now. I don’t know, but there will probably be some minor changes yet to come. Most you probably won’t even notice. Regardless, if you have to make the upgrade, do so very carefully.

Update: I have added a RSS feed for the comments of my blog. I know that I find it pretty handy for other people’s sites, so it was about time to add it to my own. You can find it at the bottom of the sidebar on the main page, or you can take this link and add it to your list of feeds that you pay attention to.


5 Replies to “Don’t mind the mess”

  1. Yesterday, things were a bit slow. Actually, off and on over the past week, I have gotten Word Press error messages on yours and the crazy canucks sites.

    You’re too much of a geek for me. I just let Typepad do it all for me…I just type out the blogs. 😉

  2. It’s not as much as being geeky about things as it is that I love to learn and keep my skills sharp on this stuff. PHP, CSS, SQL… What’s a guy to do while he’s waiting for working papers to come through, you know? I can’t exactly play with 100 kilowatt FM transmitters, so these geeky things are the next best thing. 😉

    What errors where? You gotta tell me these things.

  3. This was about a week ago, when you first mentioned you were upgrading. Although, it could very well be the lousy internet we had last month (yes, its finally fixed!). But, I would try and pop into your blog or the Crazy Canucks and I would get a standard Word Press error message…then I tried Rebecca’s site and got the same. Figured you were taking it down and tinkering. Come back the next day and all is well.

    Now, if I come to your website and find some porn site posted up there instead…I’ll let ya know.

  4. Ha! Well, I think some of those problems you are describing has to do with the ISP. We’ve been experiencing some issues, and things are getting better bit by bit. However, keep letting us know about those problems. Gives us more to yell at them about so they get issues on their end fixed.

  5. You are so lucky to have someone to yell at. I just have to wait it out. I’m not exactly sure if ‘Customer Service’ translates into Chinese…because it really doesn’t exist here.

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