Foggy times in the city

I’ve been fascinated by the amount of fog rolling into Vancouver over the past few days. It’s not so much the amount as it is the way that the sky goes from sunny to pea soup. We were in the park yesterday when we thought the sun had set pretty quick. Turns out, it was just fog, and lots of it.

I wanted to walk around the back portion of Lost Lagoon, but Rebecca would have none of that. It was so creepy, only being able to see about 20 meters ahead of you. Because of that, I wanted to venture in that direction. For Rebecca, she didn’t want to venture in that direction for that same reason. We ended up heading home where it was much warmer, regardless if the the sun was shining or not.

What scary spirits lurk in the fallen trees beyond that fog? Looks like we’ll have to save that experience for another time.