It’s oh so cold

Call it whining if you want, but it’s freaking cold. Snowed about three days ago, and the temp hasn’t reached much above freezing since then. More pictures of some of the recent snow in Vancouver can be found here.

Sure, it’ll be a short time until it stops freezing and the rain starts up again. And yes, their is plenty of breath to be seen by those living in the prairies. Still no snow or long cold snaps in areas of Ontario where they should be having the weather we are having. In fact, reports from my family in the upper midwest of the U.S. say that they’re enjoying Vancouver type weather more than we are in Vancouver, just minus all the rain.

By the way, you have got to check out these pics of a recent ice storm to hit areas of Nebraska. Amazing shots for sure. My dad’s side of the family are mostly in the eastern portions of the state. Reports from them stem from having no power for nearly a whole day to an entire week. Now THAT is an ice storm. I’ll take an inch or two of snow on the ground any day compared to that.

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the climate change debate. I’m inclined to post about it more in the future. You have to admit, things just ain’t the way they used to be.


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  1. It’s about 18C here in sunny Guangzhou…we are out in the back garden, having brews and cigars (well, I am, not tai-tai) and checking blogs.

    Just remember about the whole ‘global warming’ debate. The Vikings were farming Greenland. The earth is an increibly cyclical entity. A couple years (even 100 years) of odd weather does not quantify as a trend for a planet that is millions of years old.

  2. This is true, but that doesn’t mean that we should put off paying attention to the issue for another fifty years to wait and see. It’s like having high blood pressure; you have to start taking care of yourself early or else you have worse problems sooner.

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