I’m a sucker for the Apple hoopla

For years now, I’ve been a slave to the keynotes that Steve Jobs[wiki] has been putting on nearly every six months. I think it’s safe to say that Rebecca will soon become a switcher, but that will have to wait until this freaking country says I can have a job. Let’s also hope that I won’t be making a double dip for her next birthday of multiple Apple products, but she got a good account of what it’s like on keynote day with me.

Because I know that there are other Apple heads out there who don’t follow the bleeding edge like I do, here’s the major bullet points of what was unleashed today.

  • The iPhone was officially announced; shipping in June (freaking sweet)
  • Apple Computer, Inc. will drop their middle name, now known as Apple, Inc. [macrumors]
  • iTV is to be officially known as Apple TV; shipping in Febuary
  • Paramount Pictures is now offering their catalog of movies on iTunes [macrumors]
  • Not in the keynote, but Airport Extreme with 802.11n compatibility released today

The keynote will be available for viewing on Apple’s website later today[apple]. And for the most part, this I can handle. Not pressing hard for a new cellphone right now as much as I’d like to upgrade my laptop into the Intel world. I think Rebecca will be the first one in our home to get one though. Aside from me saying that just because it’s her birthday, but she’s put up with me for this long? Yeah, I’d say that she’s deserving of some new toys.


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  1. Your Geeky father just came up to my desk to tell me about this newest release. He said here is what your sons will be talking about and it didn’t take long to get on your blog.

  2. I will say that I’m concerned that it’s a closed phone. A lot of the same was said about the iPod when it first came out, and I’m sure it won’t affect people wanting the phone. We’re on Rogers which is GSM, so I’m content with waiting for it to hit Canada and have the price go down a little bit.

    Still, want a new laptop before anything else.

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