Sausage and gravy or a tuna melt

Hamburg Inn Exterior
Photo credit: peterme on Flickr

I’m not sure why, but after my run this morning, I’ve had a craving for something from the Hamburg Inn[wiki]. I think I’ve sat in every single section, including all presidential booths. Rebecca made a pretty sweet breakfast this morning, but we both know how good that place is. It’s all about charm.


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  1. Oh dude…don’t talk to me about proper breakfasts. I said this before…but the best place for a proper breakfast (pancakes, eggs, sausage) is…McDonalds. I kid you not. There is a pancake place in HK that is open 24 hours…they make their pancakes without baking powder…so they are like eating used tape from a hockey stick. blah.

    Ahh…the world for a big plate of biscuits and gravy!!

  2. You make me not cringe at the thought of eating at Denny’s now. :p

    Fast food places and breakfast do go hand in hand, but it’s been even longer since I’ve done that. Well, not completely. Tim Horton’s has some killer sausage and egg breakfast sandwiches now. I know that doesn’t help your plight, but the next time you ever fly into YVR…

  3. I’ve been to Vancouver, maybe 12 times…always in the airport, no place else. Transfer from the gate to US Immigration and remain a prisoner until my next flight leaves.

    I was just telling Tai-Tai, we need to arrange a trip to the places we have been, but never seen…Vancouver and Tokyo

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