When Canada needs more Spanish speaking channels

I’ve discovered the UEFA Champions League[wiki]. They’ve been showing the games on TSN lately, and it’s picked up where the World Cup left off for me. Right now, Manchester United is taking on Benfica, and it is 1-0 Benfica in the first half.

When I used to have access to Univision, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to leave a futbol game on TV in the background at home. Spanish speaking announcers, as we all know, are some of the best sportscasters in the business. You don’t have to really watch the game to know that when the announers gets really excited, something is happening and you should pay attention. We could probably pay for extra coverage on cable for some wicked play by play in Spanish, but the greedy folks at Shaw already get enough of our money.

The TSN coverage and their announcers are pretty good though. I like it a lot better when they have someone doing the color commentary with a Scottish or Irish accent. For that reason alone, they could be telling me a load of crap about anyone on the pitch, and I’d believe them. I mean, they have that accent. They must know what they’re talking about, right? Well, at least that’s the feeling that I get because I’m so lacking on any knowledge about who is who in the sport.

The 2006-07 tournament[wiki] wraps up in Athens come May. Hockey, futbol, and then the baseball season kicks in. That’s good stuff. And if you don’t believe me, tell the other billion people who are all about the UEFA tournament.

Update: The Guardian has some great coverage of the Champions League on their site. Very much worth checking out.