The Crazy Canucks #9 – Manic Canucks

We have way too much fun when we record these things. Tonight, there was no plan. Episode #9 of The Crazy Canucks is up and ready for download.

Our boys keep us going on a roller coaster ride only a true Canucks fan can appreciate. A win in Detroit, a disgrace in Nashville and follow up embarrassment in Colorado are all discussed along with the usual banter and opinions. Where we need improvement, what was Viggy thinking and various happenings around the league round out this week’s topics.

Record as of this podcast: 11-12-1 (4th in the Northwest Division)

We’re without Dave in this episode, which may be a good thing since Rebecca takes a little shot at former Canuck, Jovo. We’re looking ahead to a homestand and the return of Anson Carter to the Garage, which excites John to no end. Finally, JJ and Alanah share some controversy floating around the web about the NHL All Star ballot.

The Crazy Canucks