Ubercaster is getting ready for official release

I got an email from the folks at Ubercaster about the coming plan for the official release of their podcasting program for the MacOS.

Hi all,

after a long time of silence, we’re proud to announce the launch of
our Übercaster pre-order offer.

Until the end of the beta phase, you’ve got the chance to pre-order
Übercaster with a 15% discount off the regular retail price.

This means: Order Übercaster now and pay only $69 (US) instead of
$79.95. In addition to that you’ll get the following advantages with
the ordered license key:

– No expiration of the program.
– Free updates including v1.x
– Upload feature unlocked (disabled in the free beta).
You can automatically upload your shows during the release process.
Several network protocols are supported: in addition to FTP, SFTP,
WebDAV and .Mac, Übercaster also supports native upload to XML-RPC
services like PodShow.com, including the automatic creation of blog

Ordered license keys will be sent immediately.

Übercaster’s pre-order phase starts today and ends with the
introduction of Übercaster’s final release.
Podcasters are still invited to join the free beta test.

I’ve been using Ubercaster for all live recordings of both podcasts that I produce, especially The Crazy Canucks. For a beta program, it has worked really well up to this point, but the final encoding of any episode is still questionable. In fact, I’ve been exporting uncompressed audio files from the program and doing all final encoding of mp3’s with iTunes. My ear could pick up a noticeable difference between the two, but I need to make another comparison with the latest build.

It was only a matter of time before the testing phase would end and the final release of Ubercaster would be unveiled. In PC world, Castblaster is the Windows equivalent for recording podcasts in real time, and the price sits at $50US. I’ve never used it, but everything I have heard about it makes it very similar to Ubercaster.

Everything that I’ve done up to this point would make Ubercaster worth the purchase, more so if you can get in on the pre-order phase. In fact, I even got Rebecca comfortable with using it. The interface is easy enough to understand that training her was very easy. You can get a prime example of it here on her take over of the last six song on RadioZoom.

The one thing that is uncertain is how much longer the beta phase will be. The amount of new builds coming out during this pre-release phase has gone up quite a bit. I have yet to try out the latest version, but the stripping of the beta label for Ubercaster seems that it will happen later rather than sooner.