The Crazy Canucks #5 – What the world needs now is more Ovechkin

Episode #5 of The Crazy Canucks was recorded tonight. I’ll also add that this was the first time with Rebecca fully in control of things, allowing me to take a back seat on the technical side and really have fun with the discussion. This won’t be the last time she gets to run the whole show for sure.  In the final edit, I ran this through Levelator as an experiment.

We go ‘Dave-less’ this episode as Alanah, JJ, John and Rebecca bring you this week’s discussion. The Ovechkins Capitals were in town on Friday and JJ shares his experience being at the game. From the awe-inspiring young Russians of the league, goalie showdowns, to shootouts.

Murmurs about the crazy schedules, that only bring players by once every election year, who we’d like to see more of and who we could really do without.

Nashville handed us a ghoulish defeat last night while we’re still getting used to the lines, players and Coach Viggy’s words of wisdom.

Record as of this podcast 7-5-1 (2nd in Northwest Division)

23:50 minutes
The Crazy Canucks