Lou, Lou, Lou for the Cubbies

Lou PiniellaI’m totally late to the game here, but the baseball season, for me, was officially over on September 30th. Technically, you could say, as a Cubs fan, the season was over in July. Whatever.

The point is, Dusty’s out, Lou Piniella is in. I take his three year contract in Chicago with mixed feelings, mainly because he’s replacing an outstanding guy like Dusty Baker. Lou is a much different manager, and that’s probably why the Cubs went for him. We want to win, and that can’t be said more than getting this guy to take the helm.

When I think of Lou Piniella[wiki], I always picture him getting pissed off and yelling until his face goes blue. You can tell me that I’m completely off base on that remark, but these are the things that I remember growing up as a kid. What you can’t argue with is the fact that he is the most ejected manager in the history of baseball. This should tell you that 2007 is going to be quite the ride in the friendly confines.

Maybe things have changed. Maybe Piniella has aged like fine wine, and conniption fits will be kept to a moderate level. I really doubt it, but I’m envisioning a vastly different look on the bench next season compared to the smooth look of Baker gnawing on a toothpick. And those rumors of Alex Rodriguez[wiki] wanting to leave the Yankees to come play for Piniella, for the love of god, better not be true. A-Rod can keep his pepsi loving butt in the Bronx.

Oh, and the Cards won the series. Good for them.