MSN 6.0 for the Mac isn’t my new best friend

I use a variety of chat clients. Anyone who does the same knows how much of a pain in the ass this is. I’ve tried those all-in-one things that people cobble together, but let’s be honest about them, alright? They’re crap. Nothing has been made that can truly do with the original version can do. Stability is always questionable, and it never looks pretty. Setup can be a pain, and cross-platform communication is painful.

So MSN 6.0 came out yesterday for the Mac. Great. Yet another version that doesn’t have what it needs to have, and it works worse than the previous one. No video or audio support, and there is this “Windows Live” thing that you can click on. Everytime I do that, it screws up. Gotta quit out and relaunch.

This is the only chat program Rebecca has while she’s at work, and it gets oh so better. MSN will decide to not even send out messages back and forth sometimes. Whole conversations will get mucked up, and we’re left clueless as to what the other person is saying or if either of us got the message at all.

I think that out of all the cients I use, MSN is the most unreliable. The words “Microsoft” and “Mac” probably tells all, but if you’re going to put something new out, make it work. Making it look better doesn’t help things at all.


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  1. rebecca could use and avoid hassling with msn-client software!

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