WILT: Filmspotting

I recently re-discovered this podcast. Meaning, I’ve know about it for a long time but never listened in. And as you may or may not know, I have a thing about critics. Film, music, TV, or what have you, they tend to not be the types of folks that I pay not a lot of attention to. It’s a complete love/hate relationship that I have because, yes, I am a critic myself. How hypocritical of me.

During my days at KRUI, there were only two film review programs that I really enjoyed. The content was good, the personalities were enjoyable, and for putting together a weekly program without pay, they did an incredible job. I saw others try to do it and fall short. Some actually crashed pretty hard. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled onto this podcast.

Filmspotting.netFilmspotting[wiki] is hosted by Adam Kempenaar and Sam Van Hallgren from Chicago. They do a weekly podcast about, you guessed it, movies. They review the latest releases as well as discuss films they love, new and old. You can really tell how much these guys love not only what they do, but their passion for film is apparent in every episode. The production and overall quality of the podcast is superb, and the relationship these two guys have are visible each minute.

Interestingly enough, Adam was host of “Burn Hollywood Burn” during his days at KRUI around the same time I was there. In fact, I recall teaching him how to use the phones so he could put callers on the air during the show. So much of what was “Burn Hollywood Burn” has made it into the podcast, and it’s even better than I remember during his days on the radio.

However, this just isn’t a podcast. Once a month, these guys get to put their chops on air over Chicago Public Radio, WBEZ. The Top 5 and Massacre Theater have both made it to this project, and it’s something that any movie lover can come to appreciate. I can’t fail to mention that they do give away contest prizes, and free stuff always makes things better.

To me, this is how movie reviews should be. You can like or dislike the latest and greatest releases, but when it comes down to it, you can all agree that movies rock. No matter how much you complain about the price you pay at the box office, your love for the big screen will keep you coming back. And now, Filmspotting is a podcast that movie addicts can come together for and share that experience.