Blogging from inside Lebanon

Blog: Back to Iraq [Christopher Allbritton]There’s been a lot of discussion about the war in the southern region of Lebanon being different from any other conflict that we have ever experienced, especially in this Web 2.0 world.  People are blogging about it and posting videos on YouTube as everything unfolds, offering a unique, personal observation of what is going on there.

I’ve been paying attention to a blog, Back to Iraq, for some months, and this guy seems to have a knack for finding himself in, or even seeking out, tight situations.  In fact, Christopher Allbritton is a freelance journalist who reports for numerous news organizations, Time Magazine being one of the more well known ones.  After living in Iraq for about two years, he relocated to Beirut, well before the recent conflict.

His recent post is an amazing summary of the hardship that the civilians are eduring through all of this fighting.  I’m sure this won’t be the last time something like this will be said.

The Israelis have started shelling or bombing Dahiye again. While writing this, a massive blast rattled my windows. I can only hope that something can be done to stop this.  [back-to-iraq]