A lot of chatter about a Microsoft, “iPod killer”

A lot of sites have been reporting on this for the last week, but the rumors are turning more factual. It won’t be too surprising that by the time you head out to do you Christmas shopping this year, Microsoft will have their own portable media player trying to empty more cash out of your wallet.

Music companies are apparently leaking some details about Microsoft’s plans, according to a Times story that cites sources close to the project. As the story goes, Microsoft is not merely developing one product aimed at dethroning the iPod. It is developing a complete line of Xbox-branded digital media products, including a device that plays media, a software media player and an online media service.

Microsoft has code-named the project “Argo” in honor of the huge warship used by the Greek mythological hero named Jason, the Times reported. Microsoft executives were not immediately available for comment. [macnewsworld]

The friendly geeks, I mean folks, over at Engadget have posted a photo of the yet to be revealed device, saying that the source is some one working very close to the project. Being a companion to the Xbox brand, this might not be the only device of its kind released. Only time will tell, but “wireless” is the buzz word surrounding it.

But will this be an iPod killer? I wouldn’t bet on it. Based on a post from MacRumors, this product, or products, is likely to be utilized much in the same way that Apple uses the iPod and iTunes music store. Obviously, Microsoft is pushing to get their own contracts for their service, whatever it might be.