What’s more Vancouver than Douglas Coupland?

Douglas Coupland signed a book for meIn a last minute dash of cool, free things that Rebecca seems to win a lot lately, the streak continued when she was selected for a CBC Radio One live taping of North By Northwest yesterday morning. The entry went in on Friday, we got the word on Monday morning, and the event was that night at 6:30 PM at VCC.

Douglas Coupland was the guest last night, and it was an excellent event. Rebecca’s been a fan of him for most of her life[her post], and “City Of Glass” was one of the first things I read when I got out here. I have more of his stuff that I want to read, but sitting down to read a book has always been a challange for me. Regardless, his works is a great way to familiarize yourself with Canadian culture, more so the ins and outs of what makes up Vancouver.

Coupland was not what I expected, but I like him even more than before. He’s scattered, smart, random, geeky, educated, and entertaining. This is just my impression of him as a person during the recording. I have yet to really say anything solid about his writing.

Douglas CouplandStill, I’ve come into contact with many authors during my days in college and public radio. Among all of those experiences, this guy ranks up there with some of the best. And by best, I mean some one who is cool. That goes a long way with me.

When I gave him “City Of Glass” to sign, he asked if we were from out of town. Of course we’re not, but I told him that, yes, I am from Iowa and this was one of the first things I read while living here. That kind of peaked his curiosity, and he asked what brought me here. While I told him that it was because I married the girl standing next to me who has lived here all her life, he signed my book, “To John from Iowa, Douglas Coupland.” Pretty neat. 


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  1. Excellent Post John!

    I read through and browsed several parts of your site before settling on this post. Yeah, Coupland is real Canadian culture, but he is more. I am a “frozen Canadian” chillin’ in Des Moines, from Toronto with a wife from Montreal well over our culture shock and ready to say that you might be in the midst of it. But good for you! I liked the Grant Wood post. It is Iowa but, it, too, is more. It’s American but it is also modern and I identify with it, and Grant Wood, for the great artist he is and what he created. My kids in school are learning just what you described and know him, his story and his art cold. I am 2 blocks from the Art Centre [notice that proper spelling!]here in Des Moines which is, well, world class. I am sitting in my Prarie style home which is a joy to behold for its period integrity. Iowa is a beautiful place and you shouldn’t mind missing it. I do every time I leave, which is usually to head back to Toronto or business somewhere.

    Ah, but back to Coupland! He doesn’t get the respect he desrves as part of the Canadian literati, much dominated by Central Canada, but he is a treasure and one that is youthful, with wisdom to spare. I’ll try to listen to the interview on CBC’s site.

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