Guardian Unlimited Podcast: World Cup 2006

Guardian UnlimitedI have been subscribed to the podcast from the Guardian Unlimited[wiki] for the FIFA World Cup 2006 for the last few days(all Guardian Unlimited podcasts can be found here). For some one like myself, this is the perfect companion to everything World Cup. The information about each of the teams is golden, but you also get insights into the world of futbol as well, finding out more about the players, coaches, and officials involved.

It’s highly entertaining as well. In addition to Guardian reporters checking in from nearly every single match to give their reports and opinions, everyone’s personality gets a chance to shine. For instance, Sean Ingle’s adventures as a vegetarian in the heart of German sausage country and surviving a dog attack to his hind quarters has me checking in to see what’s going to happen to him next. You can also post your comments to their blog and call them up on Skype to chime in with your opinions.

The World Cup is getting closer to the half way point, so there’s still plenty of time to check it out. I should also mention that this comes from folks in the U.K., where futbol is a way of life for some. If you’re in the states and craving more World Cup action, this might be worth your time.