It’s been flagged. It’s been in the bathroom.

iCartaThis is going a little bit too far. The iCarta lets you take your iPod into the bathroom with you. Why and for what reason? Because you can? But do you want to? I mean, I thought the click wheel on my mini got kind of filthy from my sweaty hands making mid-run adjustments, but this takes things to a whole new level.

The four external speakers are not the only cool feature of this “accessory”. It comes with two USB ports and charges your iPod while you… um… wait? It’s also waterproof and requires AC power.

Oddly enough, there is this news story coming out of Santa Clara, CA.

A pink iPod Mini, just four inches long, caused a huge headache for maintenance workers at the Santa Clara University for the last few months.

A female student accidentally dropped the iPod in the toilet.

It got stuck in a way that maintenance crews could not get it out. They told NBC11 News they first tried to break the iPod into pieces, but that failed. One maintenance worker called the device “indestructible”.

In order to get the iPod out from under that building, crews simultaneously flushed as many toilets as they could and they turned on every sink. That caused a water surge which pushed the iPod into a larger more accessible pipe.

It cost the university $1,000 a week to fix this problem. It took months.  [nbc11]

Something to make a mental note of when mounting your iCarta.