Adventures On the Sunshine Coast

Venturing through the woods on the Sunshine CoastAs you might have heard on the podcast, we took a day trip to the Sunshine Coast[wiki] over the weekend. This was my first time making the trek, but Rebecca is a seasoned pro. And anytime you have to take a ferry to get somewhere, I’m pretty excited, fear of sinking or not. Is that because in Iowa we don’t have ferries? Yeah, you’re probably right, but we do have some nice boats you can ride on down the Mississippi while you gamble.

Our time up the coast was a super awesome good time. Rebecca spent a lot of time in this area while growing up and speaks about it highly. This was my chance to check it all out, and I have to say that I can see why. It was very apparent, as with nearly all of the lower mainland, that the area is developing a lot. Ocean front homes are the thing to have, and people are building them where they can, as big as they can.

Horseshoe Bay ferry terminalI heard someone say that living in B.C., it’s hard to not become a lover of the outdoors. I can say that is oh so true. I had fun playing soccer and what not while we were there, but I wanted to keep exploring the woods and just see what was out there. There were some trails that we went around, but with my hiking shoes on, I could have stayed out there for hours.

I uploaded a series of pictures from the day to my Flickr account. Check out some of the shots from Horseshoe Bay[flickr] and the Sunshine Coast[flickr] if you’d like. I have a feeling we’ll be back there again in the future.