What Podcasting Is

I am sick of hearing people say what podcasting is or should be. Explaining that you should be doing this or that and if you aren’t doing said thing, then that’s not podcasting. Am I guilty of that? Sure, but not as much as others.

To me, there is no wrong or right thing that anyone should be doing. As I have said it from day one, just do your own thing. Do what makes you happy and stick with it. Don’t do the exact thing that someone tells you that you should be doing. If you become uncomfortable with what you’re doing, then change it. Wanna do more or less? Then do it.

When it comes to equipment, cost, and your recording setup, get something that works and sounds good to you. Some people get too worked up over quality, stereo vs. mono, subject matter, and so on. Yeah, there are basic things that you should be concerned about with your quality, such as hum or room noise.

I don’t accept the notion that everything needs to have studio quality. If you want to be that diehard about it, great! Don’t push your preferences onto other people though. Lately, I’ve been leaving the windows open in the apartment while recording. I like having that atmosphere in my podcasts. It’s different.

To me, podcasting is whatever you want to make of it. It is your soapbox to do what you want with it. In fact, that’s what the internet is all about. You want to blog about dogs in silly clothes, you can do that. You can have a whole podcast about it. Google dogs in silly clothes and see what you get.

No one does a search for information on the internet anymore. We “google” it. We’ve changed the way we say and do things because the internet has allowed us to do so. Along comes podcasting and this freeform way of thinking is taken away by people saying what it should or shouldn’t be. I don’t buy it.


5 Replies to “What Podcasting Is”

  1. I think your podcast is one of the best in Vancouver. Don’t take the criticism personally. Those who can’t, criticize. The silent majority out there absorbs the same satisfaction from your productions as you do – if not more.

    As the old Billy Joel song says, “Don’t go changin’…”

  2. Thanks, Robert! “One of the best…”? Wow… Now I’ll be nervous when I get behind the mic. :p

    It’s not criticism that I have received, but this is a notion that I’ve heard on various podcasts over the past few months. I felt it come to a head today as I’m going through a bit of dry spell with my efforts. Maybe it’s summer creeping in, but I plan to get back into the swing soon.

  3. Wow! Soapbox much, pal? I’m not much of a podcast listener, though I was subscribed to yours for a little while. I do have to say that yours is the only one I’ve listened to on a semi-regular basis (other than soap opera ones 😛 ). As Robert said: Those who don’t, criticize. Know that you’re doing it the way that makes you happiest and that’s all that really matters. You can’t make EVERYONE happy.

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